How to Learn And Remember Anything

by Taya Micola March 20, 2015

Today’s blog is a great little trick that can help you learn or remember ANYTHING by using something I like to call “Instant Daydreaming”.

Check out the video for all tips and this great way of learning and remembering.

This week in the clinic I was lucky enough to be helping some very unique and special individuals who all have learning difficulties.

But when someone comes to me for help to make changes so they can live the life of their dreams, they have to learn and retain information…. But its actually our powerful & creative mind that enhances learning.

To demonstrate this I taught them a very old but very clever technique to learn new information in a snap!! The way our minds work whenever you think of one thing – anything else you associate with that thing – also comes up.  Instant daydreaming is a quick way to attach powerful associations with words or facts making them instantly re-callable.

To learn this cool little trick for yourself, check out the video and let me know what
you think..

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Taya Micola
Taya Micola


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