Releasing Your Inner Child

by Taya Micola May 29, 2015

When you come to see me for a series of sessions, at some point or another we’ll probably do some work on your inner child.  Many of our behaviors and patterns (whether positive or not) are held within the inner child.  Freeing and healing this part of us is important for long term happiness.

But just as its important to heal wounds and pain from the past, it’s also important to nourish and nurture this part. Doing so can bring you renewed energy when you have none, and the power and thrust to move forward in life – Pretty cool right?

It can also be linked to our success.  For example, my inner child holds the key to my abundance.  I don’t just mean financial, it is also the gatekeeper or resource for an abundance of comfort, joy, love, and wealth. So one of the fastest ways to increase this when its lacking in my life is to nurture my inner child.

So how can we nourish and nurture our inner child?

Check out my latest video to see…

Taya Micola
Taya Micola


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