Toxic Friendships

by Taya Micola May 01, 2015

Toxic friendships are on the agenda quite a bit in the clinic lately.  So, out of curiosity, I asked pretty much everyone that came in for a session in the last two weeks. Most of my clients have identified at least one toxic person in their friendship circle….if not two.
I find that very alarming.. don’t you?

Many of them said they didn’t realise these particular friends were toxic until it was too late.  Then it felt too hard to take the measures necessary to let them go… I can relate, in fact I think we all can, but not taking measures because you’re afraid of the consequences doesn’t make sense… at least not when you take stock of what it’s costing you to keep them.

We’ve all had them before, but how do you know when to say enough’s enough.

They’re probably great people, but just not great for you… So how do you spot them?

There’s a quick way to discover if your friend is toxic.

And that’s by looking at what GOOD friends are.

Check out the video below and see what I mean….

Warning.. It DOES contain a bit of bad acting ( but I know you’ll sledge me lovingly) Xx.

As always, if you enjoyed this video please share it with your friends or anyone you know who needs to hear it. Taya xx

Taya Micola
Taya Micola


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