Worried?? Take the day off..

by Taya Micola April 04, 2015

How much do you worry?

Worry is great when we are having an amygdala response. Flight, fight or freeze.
If there is a saber toothed tiger chasing you, or in your proximity then worry is a very useful and productive element of life. But what if there is no saber tooth tiger ?  No real and present danger, just thoughts and concerns about how something is or isn’t going to turn out…. truth is, much of our everyday worry is actually unproductive.

So what if you took the day off from worrying?

What would your life be like?

Would it hinder the situation or make it better?

More importantly how much better would you feel without it?

I recently conducted a social experiment on my Facebook page, and the results were really cool.

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The video goes into more detail, but I’m sure you’ll agree, taking the day off from unproductive worrying can not only be liberating, but life changing.

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Taya XX

Taya Micola
Taya Micola


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