Are you addicted to praise?

by Taya Micola July 23, 2015

Underneath a desire for praise is usually a need for approval and seeking the approval from others is often unhealthy because we might say yes to doing or committing to things that aren’t good for us.

Now,  It can feel a bit fantastic when others fill us up with thank you’s and compliments for a job well done.  The problem is it can be a bit addictive when we use it to fill us up.  In often doesn’t fill us up for long because it just ends up feeding our insecurities.

So we feel worse about ourselves and we go looking for more praise.

The following blog video can help you if you are a bit of a praise addict.

Check it out and let me know what you think…

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Taya xx

Taya Micola
Taya Micola


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