Taya takes all the mumble jumble mess inside your head and puts it into a much more clearer and focused path to follow

In my thinking I see you as someone who can “defrag” my mind, and move things around to make them fit a little easier.

I came to you initially to help me get through a bad break up, but after that came back to help me get back on the right path and to be able to see things a lot more clearly (what I mean by defrag haha).

I came to you by a recommendation from a friend, but my return visits have been because I felt so at ease and comfortable with you, and always left feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.
– R Catton

Clarity, guidance, insight, re-balancing.

I feel like Taya helps me come to ‘realisations’ clear space in my head helping me to deal with situations, provide insight into why things might have happened, how to deal in the future.
– K McLauglan

I call Taya my “godsend”, my life-saver! Corny, but that’s how I feel.

Previously, I’ve used Kinergetics services and knew they resonated and were very effective for me and my family. But what initially attracted me to Taya was:
1 ) her generous nature (offering me an immediate impromptu session) when I broke down at a workshop at someone else’s home. Her intuition /clairsentience will also have contributed.

2) In that instance the results were evident in a spectacularly short space of 2 hours. Today, I still feel it was a miracle as it involved another person. I usually ask her ‘ when might the healing be evident’,somehow it takes a layer of stress off- I know I need ride it out for X time, which is pretty much accurate 100%

Taya has consistently been able to diffuse personal emotional crisis for me as well as various relationship rough spots within my family, most often by allowing me to see a bigger picture or having an understanding of what was going on for others or how the relationship dynamics work. She has give me direction and helped me hone in on my life purpose. After a session, I always feel lighter and unburdened, calm with a sense that all is ok and I ‘get it ‘. I feel in harmony really!

Taya is really the only one I ever think of when I need help on any level physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Besides the fact that she is sooo good at what she does, I love that I can have phone or email sessions, saves time travelling, I get a written copy of session. I know her tool bag is a BIG one… even I know I do not know what she uses in all instances; all I know is that I have had the experience of always feeling so much better about myself and my ‘plot’ after each of my sessions. Taya ‘gets’ what’s going on for me.

Taya has an ability to explain back to me what I’ve reacted to, what circumstances/events have contributed (so being a mentally focussed individual-this appeals greatly to me) and she is able to impart teachings/learnings to facilitate change.

When I was faced with symptoms of a nebulous nature (just don’t feel right or I feel like I’m dying) and symptoms that can underlay many conditions ie headache, sore throat chest heavy palpitations etc and I was getting conflicting diagnosis from professionals, Taya was able through muscle testing and intuition suggest I had two separate things going on and named them – it felt soo right to me. Just knowing what was going on was a stress relief…and it helped me fine tune (and eliminate unnecessary testing) what health professional to seek out for my healing.
– Mavis D

Taya has a beautiful soul and is extremely talented and very good at what she does!

Taya offered me the help I’ve needed to make those shifts – helped me detach from those emotions and those thoughts which I was conditioned to accept and think. Taya came highly recommended, we built a rapport and I love our time together, I always walk away lighter than I when I arrive.

Taya, you’re very talented and knowledgeable in what you do, and what I need, I’ve always felt whole again after our time together.
– M Fraser

Taya is someone who can help people reach a whole new way of perceiving and understanding circumstances in a non-judgemental, non-threatening, very caring way.

I came to see you after I was referred to you by a friend. I was very heartbroken after my relationship ended and I was so lost.  Amongst many things, I was searching for a way out of all the hurt and fog and needed a new way of perceiving my situation.  I was also seeking insight into some questions I had as I was so confused about why things ended the way they did and I was desperate to release the pain I was feeling.

My sessions with you help me re-program deep-seated beliefs I have and I am able to perceive my life and circumstances through new eyes. I always feel an enormous amount of relief and renewed strength after a session with you. The best thing is I always feel more optimistic because I understand and see things in a much more optimistic light. I also get some insight into why things have panned out as they have. Understanding eases a lot of anxiety for me.  I am on a new path.

I have had a kinesiology session with one other person, and whilst they were awesome, I didn’t achieve the same level of insight into a situation like you are able to give.  You are so easy to talk to and that alone is a huge thing for me as sometimes I’m really embarrassed about how I feel about things or I’m embarrassed about my situation.  Every session is so beneficial because I leave with new ideas, new understandings, a new path.  I feel so comfortable talking with you as there is no judgement from you ever. I just feel super supported and nothing feels impossible.

Your special skills are your ability to give great insight into a situation, your ability to help me see a situation through new eyes, your gift with easing so much anxiety, tension and upset. Sometimes things get so overwhelming for me and after a session with you I feel so much more optimistic, confident, and calm.
– M Hayes

Taya helps you find your ‘music’ so you can sing your song! Well, at least attempt to get a tune going, even if it’s off key.

I was curious.. .what I would find out, and how I would feel. You also helped me address my issues after we rolled and wrote of our little car (18 months ago now).

I no longer feel stressed when driving in the rain, nor going around corners! And that’s a God send! And always after our sessions, I feel revitalised, and more alive than before….it’s such a wonderful experience!

I don’t really know any others, because I don’t think there is a category that you can be filed under. It’s not counselling; it’s more complex than that, and also more simple at the same time. It’s not just connecting with other, concurrent existences as in mediums or psychics, again it’s more than that. It’s a calling, an ability to help others along on this physical-time-space journey; helping them to cope and connect with themselves and their calling…purpose for want of a better word.

Taya has an amazing capacity for love, and empathy; understanding and connect-ability, and a great sense of humour!
 – T Mac

I find Taya genuine, warm and loving.

I come back to Taya because I feel that you LOVE what you do.  That means your chances of being successful in helping people are BIG. I don’t know how different you are from others as I don’t know any other people with a gift like yours. I think you have saved me from departing this physical existence prematurely.  You relieved the pain at least temporarily so I could deal with the reality of my life.

You are the connection to the other side that I have never known how to reach for.
 – Iwona