Quit Smoking

From: Taya Micola
Location: Brisbane, Australia.

Dear Friend,
Since word got out about my Brisbane Quit Smoking program, I have literally been swamped by North Queenslander's hungry for me to help them gain the same results many of my existing clients have achieved.

The only thing is...
Client success is important to me - I mean REALLY important to me, and I don't want to compromise the results I deliver for clients by taking on too much work!

After a number of companies flew me to Townsville and Cairns to initiate their smoke free policies.... I've been inundated with calls from all their friends and families who are smokers - desperate for the same success, and an easier way to quit! Because of their persistence, I've agreed to do a regular series of sessions in Townsville.

But there are very limited spaces.



Hi, I'm Taya Micola,
For years I've been sharing my powerful quit smoking program with people just like you. My qualifications are recognised globally, so you can be assured of professional standards.

You've probably been told about my services from a friend, or colleague that's come for a session and had great success... but you may still have some questions.

Over in the right hand column are some facts about my quit smoking therapy that may help you to decide if it's right for you... but don't forget...


  • Is completely safe
    There's no needles, patches or pills. There's no chemicals

  • Has virtually no withdrawal
    The most common feedback we receive is: "I don't even think about them"

  • Works for the majority
    As long as you genuinely want to quit and are ready to quit, this CAN work for you too.

  • Doesn't rely on willpower
    I'll teach you all about willpower and how it works, but you will not need it for this therapy to work.

  • Is done in one simple session
    The vast majority quit in just one easy session.

  • No weight gain.
    Unlike other methods, weight gain with my therapy is rare - In fact many people report that they actually lose a few kilo's and adopt new healthy ways of living.


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This therapy has worked for thousands of smokers just like you. I have so much confidence in my therapy, that if you don't quit in one session, or you start smoking again at any point - just come back again for free!

How it works...

I use a combination of therapies to achieve success with you, but the large portion of the session comes down to advanced hypnosis.
Many people come to me and say they have tried everything before - INCLUDING hypnosis and it still didn't work for them...
The BEST cigarette suspension therapies come from the UK and America where they are leagues ahead in the neuroscience industry. I have studied the most up-to-date methods of smoking cessation AND hypnosis from the UK, The United States and here in Australia. This, coupled with my devotion for researching the habit of smoking has helped me understand the way smokers think, how the enslavement of smoking works, and how the various methods of quitting fit into it all.

But it goes much further than that...

My quit smoking therapy helps find and eliminate YOUR specific reasons for smoking and all the little triggers that set you off - removing these can help to ensure your success long term!

Although the effects of smoking, and the usual reactions are the same for everyone - your reasons for smoking are YOURS entirely!

Each smoker has very unique and individual reasons for smoking, so success in quitting is different for everyone. Unless you deal with your unique unconscious reasons for smoking, you will not have any luck quitting long term. My quit smoking therapy is specifically formulated to help you do just that.


Finally, there's a way for you to quit smoking.

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My research findings revealed - the few people who DID successfully quit using other methods - still had random cravings for cigarettes - long after they ceased smoking!! Which meant they were effectively still in the process of quitting for months or even years afterwards! OUCH!

A whopping 60% of my clientele report never thinking about cigarettes or smoking again, unless its with a smile on their face and a feeling of freedom!

How much does it cost?

Not as much as you'd think!

Smokers send so much money up in smoke every DAY. The average smoker will spend approx $100,000 in their lifetime on cigarettes!

The cost of my quit smoking session is so low, you'll be saving money in only a few short weeks.

Just think what you'll do with all the extra money, now that you will not be spending it on poisoning yourself! You can use that money anyway you choose!

The question is not - how much does the smoking therapy cost - but how much is smoking costing you??

An alarming 35,000 people quit smoking successfully every day - through dying!!

The cost of my quit smoking therapy is only $450.
( About the cost of cigarettes for a month! )

Think of how much better you'll feel and how much better off your finances will be when you take the money you would have spent on smoking in a month - and invest it in becoming smoke free for life!

So if you're looking for someone who'll:

  • Expertly decipher and remove YOUR unique reasons for smoking, which will ultimately give you a real fighting chance!
  • Reveal the aspects of the smoking and the particular way it has enslaved you.
  • Provide you a permanent way to quit that is simple and easy - yet powerful and effective.
  • Provide experienced service with global certification and qualifications, with the means to expertly counsel you and remove all your smoking triggers, setting you truly free from smoking for life.

Then get in touch with my office NOW!

If you hurry, we can be on the phone to you today!

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The cost of my quit smoking session is so low, you'll be saving money in only a few short weeks.

I'd love to work with you, but only if it's the right fit for both of us. I'm selective about my clients, and I only have limited spaces. Please, let's not waste each other's time.

Don't call me if...
1. You don't really WANT to quit, or you're not 100% committed to quitting NOW and for the rest of your life! (maybe you'd "like" to, or you're sorta-maybe-thinking-about-it....)

2. You don't really have an open mind and won't give this therapy a real chance. (Healthy skepticism is fine, but if you're looking for someone to walk on water, that isn't my style).

3. You're looking for hypnosis to wave some sort of magic wand to solve your smoking problem!


The quick and easy way to take advantage of this unique opportunity is to click on the link below where you can secure your place in the appointment book immediately, or request your special information pack.


Your sincere partner in quitting for good,

T Micola
Taya Micola.

PS - One year from today, you will surely reflect...the only question is...on what? Will you be finally free of smoking? The results of your tomorrow depends on the choices you make today. Make the decision to be smoke free NOW, and register for your session straightaway...